Monday, December 11, 2006

Remembering John Lennon

I am a Beatlemaniac, but sadly, I was born after John Lennon died. As a result, I've discovered all of his music (and the history surrounding it) as a second generation fan. However, that did allow me the freedom to hear it out of order -- "Happy XMas", Please, Please Me, "Imagine," Sgt Pepper, Revolver -- and experience it differently.

Sometimes I wonder how the music and John Lennon's activistm would have affected me if I lived during his lifetime, back when every teen was a Beatles fan and when churches held protests against him. I would probably have taken the music for granted in the post-Beatles years, assuming that Lennon would be around to make music for years to come. Tragic that he wasn't.

Since last week was the 26th anniversary of his death, Brent (fellow Beatles fan) shared this video from YouTube, set to Lennon's cover of "(Just Like) Starting Over."

And here is a playlist of my favorite Lennon songs, plus the Beatles songs primarily composed by him...

- Imagine
- Give Peace a Chance
- Because
- Two of Us (still debated whether he or McCartney penned it)
- Real Love
- A Hard Day's Night
- And Your Bird Can Sing
- Julia
- Across the Universe
- Happiness is a Warm Gun
- Look at Me
- Revolution 1


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