Friday, December 15, 2006

East Coast Tour: "Day 1", or "I Hate You Airlines," or "I Should Never Visit Penn State By Plane Again"

Well, you saw thegreat little plan I drew out for my travels to Penn State. This year I was not going to be taken for a fool by Delta. But alas, the powers that be looked at me today and said "Ha ha, SUCKAAA!"

It stared okay. Sheila at the Delta counter was very nice and helpful... security lines were short... but then my flight got delayed because Philly had some fog. (Miraculously) I made my connecting flight with US Air... luggage did not. No one seems to know where it is. Not Delta, not US Air... I fear it lost and gone forever. And now...

A Haiku for My Suitcase:

Luggage lost on route
To the middle of nowhere.
Au revoir, mi habits.

Correction: At 1:30am, my bag arrived at the hotel. It included a note from the TSA to tell me they'd inspected it. Naturally. In the meantime, I also realized that time that my French is awful and I don't know how to match possessives and nouns. That makes for bad haikus.

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