Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Brick Store, Brickskeller, and President Ford, too.

Since leaving Atlanta, arriving in DC, and preparing to visit NYC, I've been having some weird dreams. Last night was a good one... here is the abridged and relevant version:

Some Atlanta friends -- Lauren, Andy, Patrick -- and I went to see Brick Store Pub open a new branch in some big city. The new place was much more dungeon-like than the original Brick Store, but same staff, same vibe. While we there, I thought I saw Barack Obama walk in with some members of the press. But it was really President Ford and his wife (an easy mistake to make, right?). Well, I couldn't remember the First Lady's name (Betty... as in the Betty Ford Center...) and kept calling her Rosalynn (as in Carter). My friends asked the ex-Prez to join us for a pint, and he did; it was the most awkward conversation of my life, especially when I offended Betty by calling her Rosalynn and Andy asked, "Well, do you know Barack Obama?" Lauren added: "We're reading his book for the book club." The End.

After recovering from the crazy dream, I went down to DC and had lunch with Flax, then hit the National Gallery. The Gallery had two interesting special exhibits -- Rembrandt's sketches and prints, and photographs from NYC 1938 - 1958. Since it is a weekday, the museum was pretty empty, and at one point I found myself alone in one of the interior gallery rooms (not even a security guard to watch me).

After the Gallery I visited the Cafritz Foundation, where Carlyn works and two Warhols are housed. Then... deja vu... we went down to Brickskeller near Dupont. It was like walking into the new Brick Store I dreamt about!!! And if Barack Obama was going to be anywhere, why not DC's version of the Brick Store??? I really expected to see him there.

But Obama wasn't there... or President Ford... or Betty/Rosalynn... and the bar was out of Saison Dupont... but for a moment, I felt like I'd been to Brickskeller before.

(Only 6 days since I left Atlanta, and already I'm dreaming of Brick Store... if Brick Store were a man, I think we'd be having the "DTR" talk right about now.)

The Brick Store...


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