Sunday, September 28, 2008

Caren Explains "Tables and Chairs"

Today I revisited Andrew Bird's magnificient album, The Mysterious Production of Eggs and was once again struck by the lyrics of "Tables and Chairs."

If we can call them friends
Then we can call them on their telephones.
And they won't pretend that they're too busy
Or that they're not alone.
And if we can call them friends then we can call
Holler at them down these hallowed halls
Just don't let the human factor
Fail to be a factor at all

Don't, don't you worry, about the atmosphere
Or any sudden pressure change.
'Cause I know that it's starting
To get warm in here
And things are starting to get strange.

And did you, did you see how
All of our friends were there
And they're drinking roses from the can?
And how, how I wish I,
I had talked to them,
And I wish they fit into the plan.

And we were tired of being mild.
We were so tired of being mild.
And we were tired...

I know we're going to meet some day
In the crumbled financial institutions of this land.
There will be tables and chairs
There'll be pony rides and dancing bears
There'll even be a band.
'Cause listen, after the fall
There will be no more countries
No currencies at all.
We're gonna live on our wits
We're gonna throw away survival kits,
Trade butterfly-knives for Adderall
And that's not all.
Ooh-ooh, there will be snacks, there will.
There will be snacks
There will be snacks.

And we were tired of being mild.
We were so tired of being mild.
And we were (we were so) tired...

So don't you,
Don't you worry
About the atmosphere.

Speaking of "the crumbled financial institutions of this land"... I am glad to be at business school right now. Thomas Friedman has an interesting take on the financial crisis and proposed government bailout in The New York Times today. Something to ponder, particularly the state of the American Dream.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Yearbook Photos: 1952 - 2000

Rachael had a lovely, Betty-esque looking photo posted in her Facebook picture slot... and I discovered it was made using Yearbook Yourself.

So I gave it a whirl... and now, ask you... since I just started at a new school and want to make a good impression with strangers, which photo should be my Facebook picture? I want to be taken seriously, after all...






1966 (I got contacts!):


1970 (staying clear of hippy-influence...)









Sunday, September 07, 2008

Caren Explains Election Fatigue

After being exposed to 18+ months of extensive election coverage, I am suffering from Election Fatigue (side effects make include anxiousness, exhaustion, upset stomach and judgmental behavior... voters suffering from Election Fatigue are advised against drinking Kool-Aid).

It's just too much. Everywhere I turn, BAM! ELECTION!

I get it, okay? It's historic, it's important, it's personal... but things are getting out of control, as you can see below...

So let's take a breather and have a laugh with JibJab, while the candidates cover Bob Dylan... how bout it, kids?