Wednesday, March 28, 2007

When Pollen Attacks!

On Monday morning I was feeling particularly anxious to start the week, so I hit the gym and went to work at 7:45am (that's a big feat for me).

I was the second person to arrive at the East Decatur Station complex and found the parking lot to be a strange shade of yellow-green. It resembled a clay tennis court. At first I thought the landlord had repaved the parking lot over the weekend and painted it that color. Then I realized it wasn't paint -- it was pollen.

I found a handy-dandy chart online that measures pollen count relative to health threats...

And today's pollen count in Atlanta? ... 3,208!!!

That's over 26 times greater than what is considered "Extremely High"! And that's nothing compared to Monday (5,499). No wonder Atlanta is the #1 asthma city in America.

I feel bad for Atlanta's spring brides... I hope you intended for your dress to be tinted yellow-green...

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