Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Need new stuff on your iPod? Let me help.

I love music like it's my job (wait a minute... it is!) ... I love introducing people to new music... and I love that a few of my friends have now listed "getting music recommendations from cK" as an "Interest" on Facebook (thanks for the vote of confidence, Jenn and Courtney).

And if you're like any of a number of people I know who own iPods but can't fill them up, I have an idea for you:

Let me fill your iPod for you.

Here's how I can help....

1) Tell me how many songs you want on your iPod, your favorite type of music, your favorite TV shows, and 5-10 musicians you already like.
2) I'll create a customized playlist for you (based on your answers to the questions above) through iTunes and/or eMusic.
3) You can access the playlist and sample the songs.
4) If you like the songs, you can buy them and upload them to your iPod or portable music player.
OR, 4b) You can lend me your iPod and I'll upload them for you (if you're too busy or too lazy to do it yourself).

Now I am a businesswoman, so I would request some small compensation... but lucky for you, I work at a start-up company and am not accustomed to an extravagant lifestyle, so I come pretty cheap... as in, the cost of a non-fat, no-whipped, extra-chocolate Orange Mocha Frappuccino...

Inquire within and I'll hook you up with some fresh tunes

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