Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How to Embarrass Yourself In Front of Your Favorite Band in Just Ten Steps!

1) Reluctantly agree to interview your favorite band at your event
2) Pimp your wine sponsor's product at your event
3) Drink your wine sponsor's product at your event
4) Get nervous about interviewing your favorite band
5) Repeat Steps 2 & 3
6) Rock out to your favorite band
7) Interview your favorite band
8) Piss off your favorite band
9) Achieve new level of embarrassment
10) Repeat Steps 2 & 3

Photograph by Jeff Fasano for Paste

Bless those Cold War Kids for sticking through an interview with me. When you are drinking moderately with other people who are drinking heavily, you feel alright... until you are alone in a quiet space with one of the year's biggest buzz bands.

Luckily we were able to pull some good content from the interview that will appear in a future issue of the magazine. So it wasn't a total loss. And the band kicked some serious butt on stage.

But lesson learned. And I was outdone by our editorial team on St Patricks Day (to which I say, "Haha!")... I wish I had pictures to show you their insanity. I'm sure they exist somewhere.

Carlyn, my [EDIT: former] favorite GChatter*, had some thoughts on how the interview could have gone if she were interviewing a band:

"Why do you kick so much ass? You are like the Shaft of bands. You are like a band of ninjas. If the teenage mutant ninja turtles formed a band, they'd be you. Which TMJT would you be? I could be your April [O'Neill]."

(I wish I was April O'Neill...)

* Sorry, Carlyn... you didn't know Joey McIntyre was in NKOTB?!?! Flaxy takes top billing here...


Carlyn said...

1. Thanks for red flagging my interview abilities. Now I'm never going to get a chance to interview anyone. I might as well jump off the corporate escalator now.

2. I'm sorry if I wasn't into boy bands growing up. I'm certainly into boy bands now. Boys in bands, call me. She has my number.

Caren (CK) said...

Carlyn, if I were in a boy band and you asked me about TMNT, I'd probably call you and/or make out with you... but I am not a boy nor am I in a boy band, so I will not call you and/or make out with you... maybe our favorite 10 High band will though...

Reid said...

Oh *I* have pictures. Which I have, for now, put in a slideshow soundtracked to "Feeling Yourself Disintegrate" by The Flaming Lips. But I'm strongly considering shucking the whole mess down The Memory Hole. (Moderate drinking? It's no drinking for me, thanks.)