Friday, November 24, 2006

A Lyfe Less Ordinary

I'm currently back in the DC area, doing vacation-like things: running, working on a number of writing projects and catching up on movies (today's selections: "Pretty in Pink," "Prime," "Happy Gilmore," and "Scent of a Woman").

My family is a small unit -- just four of us -- and my mother has Thanksgiving dinner preparations down pat. That made for a errand-filled Thursday. With most of the work was done ahead of time, my sister went clothes shopping and my dad went to work down in the District.

I haven't been answering my phone much since I got back, so when my dad came home later in the day, he asked "Did you get my message?"

"No, my phone was on silent."

"I wondered if you'd heard of this guy visiting my building." Dad explained that it was a rapper or musician. He arrived with his crew in a tour bus that said "SEX" across it. "Can't remember his name. Listen to the message."

Hmm. A rapper/musician singing about sex... that narrows the field... who could it be???

In the message Dad said there was a website listed on the bus --

"Oh, Lyfe Jennings," I said. Sure enough, he was playing at DAR Constitution Hall the next day.

Understandably, Dad was worried about his company hosting a group of men driving around the country in a bus that advertises "SEX" (Jenning's single). "He isn't a criminal or anything is he?"

"He collaborated with Lionel Richie, so I don't think so." Remembering that Lionel is Nicole's dad, though, I thought to check out the website. After reading Lyfe's PR bio, I said:

"Well, he was a criminal but 'Even while Lyfe's body was held prisoner for ten years behind steel bars and concrete, his mind and soul were free, the power of his imagination opening the gates to the world outside the penitentiary.'"

"Oh. He was wearing heart socks and camo pants," Dad said. "But we made him move the bus."

Guess it's true what they say... you can't judge a book (or bus) by its cover.

Just another day in a less-than-glamorous-but-certainly-interesting suburban town.

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