Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hipster Haikus

Elizabeth at work showed me a book of Hipster Haikus. So I thought I'd write some of my own. This could be a fun project.

Hipster Haiku #1:

Make eyes at me through
Black rectangular glasses.
Cue Mates of State song.

Hipster Haiku #2:

Liberal arts degree
Helps me understand lyrics
Of Colin Meloy

Hipster Haiku #3:

Found him on MySpace;
Influences: Nick Drake, Low.
Meet me in Brooklyn.

Hipster Haiuk #4:

That Sufjan Stevens
Promised us fifty albums
Feel the Illinoise.

Hipster Haiku: #5

Made you a playlist.
Why use words when Morrissey
Knows just how I feel?

Hipster Haiku #6:

Can of PBR
And Parliament cigarettes.
You only live once.

1 comment:

Meg G. said...

Hey Caren! Your haikus rock -- I just sent them to my friend Sue who also does haikus ( Hope you're doing well these days! Maybe see ya next week at the Nighowls Happy Hour.