Sunday, February 25, 2007

Thank You For Your Patience...

After 4 days in NYC, I'm stranded in DC. It snowed here this morning, which was delightful to wake up to and play around in, but caused flight cancelations. Right now I'm watching the Oscars with my folks and have a phone glued to my ear b/c I'm on hold with Delta. My Delta representative, Robin, is having computer difficulties over in India... so are his supervisors... time logged: 44 minutes.

But Delta is kind enough to play muzak as I'm waiting here on the phone... currently on Delta's playlist:

Beck, "Strange Apparation"
Nelly Furtado, "Say It Right"
Sixpence None the Richer, "Kiss Me"
Spanish rap music
Bon Jovi, "Who Says You Can't Go Home"

The Bon Jovi song is especially appropriate because Delta can't figure out how to get me back to Atlanta directly... they want me to go through Columbus, OH... sigh... maybe I should just relocate permanently.

NYC adventures were awesome, and I will report back with pictures soon. Until then, I'll be chatting it up with Robin, hoping for a flight back to the Dirty Dirty...

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