Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Great Idea: Shins Squared, East Coast Tour Part 3?

I have a great idea... and when I have a great idea, that usually means it is 1) crazy, 2) unobtainable, and 3) something I will pursue anyway.

Here's my latest great idea:

I have to go to NYC for a conference in a few weeks. The next day I am supposed to leave from Atlanta for SXSW in Austin.

Pollstar tells me that The Shins are playing only Northern shows on their tour (why you gotta hate on Atlanta, Shins? We're city full of transplant people...). Being that I am a huge Shins fan and have worn their new album down already, this is completely unacceptable.

I will combat this with the following POA ("Plan of Action")

Monday March 12 - Depart Atlanta for DC; see The Shins play at DAR Constitution Hall
Tuesday March 13 - Depart DC for NYC at 6am; go to conference from 9am-4pm; take 5pm train to Philadelphia; visit Chris and Grant; see The Shins play Electric Factory
Wednesday March 14 - Depart Philadelphia for Atlanta at 6am; meet coworkers at the airport at 8:28am; depart Atlanta for Houston at 9:04am; arrive in Houston, rent a car, and drive to Austin for SXSW; rock for five days straight...

The Great Idea / POA FAQ:

Q: Why see The Shins play twice in 24 hours? Won't they play the same set?
A: The last time I saw the same band play twice in 24 hours it was Modest Mouse, and it was kind of awesome. And I like The Shins more than I like Modest Mouse. Therefore, it can be assumed that seeing The Shins twice in 24 hours will be awesome, too (unless their live show is not up to par). Q.E.D.

Q: That's a lot of 6am flights... aren't you going to be tired?
A: Yes, I will probably be very tired and cranky. But that is why I rarely drink caffeine, so when I need it it really works. Plus, I fall asleep everytime I even step foot on a plane.

Q: What if you miss any of your flights?
A: I'll be stranded in the north... which wouldn't be an awful thing...

Q: Isn't this an expensive plan?
A: Actually, it is no more expensive than a round trip to NYC, which I'd have to buy anyway. Amazing, right? Right.

So let's correct the Great Idea model... 1) crazy, 2) unobtainable, 3) something I will pursue anyway, 4) potentially amazing.

I'll keep you posted.


1 comment:

Sarah said...

you ARE ridiculous. i rest my case! and who uses "QED" in a facebook note??

i'll be stranded in the North for about 3 years...i'll let you know how not-awful it is :)