Monday, February 19, 2007

Best US Cities for Finding a Job

To those of my friends currently seeking employment, thought you'd like see that Forbes released its list of best U.S. cities for finding a job...

1. Raleigh, NC
2. Phoenix, AZ
3. Jacksonville, FL
4. Orlando, FL
5. Washington, DC

DC was ranked #1 last year, and Bethesda was in the top 5... so I gotta ask: What happened DC? You stole 80% of my friends from me... that should have been enough to edge out Mickey Mouse...

Rankings were determined based on "unemployment rates, job growth, income growth, median household incomes and costs of living in the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas." New York, Chicago, Boston, and LA all ranked below below #75. Atlanta ranked #22.

This got me looking for other lists (because everybody loves lists)... here are some to debate or discuss...

Best Cities for Singles:
1. Denver, CO
2. Boston, MA
3. Phoenix, AZ
4. San Francisco-Oakland, CA
5. New York, NY

Most Challenging Places to Live for People with Asthma:
1. Atlanta, GA (hmm.. maybe I shouldn't run outside anymore)
2. Philadelphia, PA
3. Raleigh, NC
4. Knoxville, TN
5. Harrisburg, PA

Best Places to Live
1. Fort Collins, CO
2. Naperville, IL
3. Sugar Land, TX
4. Columbia/Ellicott City, MD
5. Cary, NC

Best Cities for Men ("health, happiness and abs")
1. San Jose, CA
2. Honolulu, HI
3. Madison, WI
4. San Diego, CA
5. Fremont, CA


Jennifer said...

All of these lists are incorrect. Austin, TX is obviously the best place to live in the country, hands down (if you ignore the total lack of job market outside of the government). But otherwise, hands down!

Caren (CK) said...

I love Austin. Counting down the days until I can visit again... Waterloo Records, GSD&M, and Whole Foods all within one block? Perfect...