Sunday, February 04, 2007

Are you ready for some football?

The Super Bowl brings together just about everything I love: football, commercials, beer, and friends. Some years, there is even good music. That tops it off.

I'm a loyal Redskins fan (even in the bad times, which is all the time) so I'm not terribly concerned with which team wins tonight, though Jeremy tells me I have to root for the Colts, so I will.

But the one I really want to win? "JP," the man who started an internet campaign to raise enough money to buy a commercial. He is using it to propose to his girlfriend. A company came in and backed him, requiring product placement in exchange for capital, which is a new strategy for advertising... interested to see how it turns out. Get the story here.

I hope for JP's sake that his girlfriend, 1) likes football, 2) isn't in the bathroom when his commerical airs, and 3) says "yes!" Otherwise, he just wasted $2 million on the worlds most embarrassing moment. Almost as embarrassing as this.

So Happy Super Bowl. Happy engagement, JP. And while I'm at it, Happy February. The year is going so fast...

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