Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Top Songs of 2006: Vol 2: It's Not My Fault I'm So Popular

This is for Sarah, and for T, who gets the RSS feed and recommended that JTimberlake be on this mix instead of the 'Dancing With Myself' mix (thanks for the sound advice).

Here are some of the most popular songs of 2006 -- ones embraced by commercial radio (Keane), MTV (Lady Sovereign), and fans (Thom Yorke). I can't fault them for being so popular -- these are some delicious tunes (but Fergilicious? No, I just can't get behind that...)

1. "Is It Any Wonder?," Keane

2. "You Only Live Once," The Strokes

3. "Suddenly I See," KT Tunstall

4. "Love Me or Hate Me," Lady Sovereign

5. "Hips Don't Lie (featuring Wyclef)," Shakira

6. "London Bridge," Fergie

7. "Why You Wanna," T.I.

8. "When You Were Young," The Killers

9. "Ain't No Other Man," Christina Aguilera

10. "Stolen," Dashboard Confessional

11. "Breaking Free," Gabriela & Troy
(High School Musical - top selling album of the year!)
12. "Harrowdown Hill," Thom Yorke

13. "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off," Panic! at the Disco

14. "SexyBack," Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland

15. "Crazy," Gnarls Barkley

16. "Save Room," John Legend

17. "Here It Goes Again," Ok Go

18. "Move Along," All-American Rejects

19. "Welcome to the Black Parade," My Chemical Romance

Did I forget your favorite? Wanna make an arguement for Daniel Powter or James Blunt? Comment and discuss.

Stay tuned for the next iMix... Top Songs of 2006, Volume 3: Perfect for Grey's Anatomy



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