Wednesday, January 17, 2007

CK & Lil S'lack present: JUMP, JUMP

I didn't do a lot of my homework in college. I prefered fun things, like playing volleyball at 4am, working at Paste, writing limericks, and making music videos (even in the middle of midterms).

Here is a video from the vault, making its YouTube debut. It was filmed in the ATL (er, Druid Hills) and features me and my rapping roommate, Lil S'lack. Thank you to Jenny for recording, Arunan for lending us guys' clothes, our friends and sorority advisor for making cameos, and Karl the Krazy Squirrel for letting me strike him with a lightning bolt.

Now playing: "Jump, Jump," by CK and Lil S'lack, from the EP Lodgin' Ain't Easy


Au$10 said...

Haha - awesome.

Amanda & Ben said...

I quote my wife:

"Jump Jumpin' in the chapter room. Aw yea!"

Jeremy said...


So great to see that video again...I still remember when we watched that thing in the lounge/meeting room/break room/magazine & CD collection area/your office at the old Paste office!

- Jeremy