Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Day I Joined Dunder Mifflin

Recently I've been having a lot of dreams related to The Office. And by a lot of dreams, I mean 7 - 10. Most of them revolve around Jim Halpert and the actor who plays him. So far I've met him in an elevator, on an airplane and in Central Park.

Last night was the most ridiculous dream I've had yet. It went like this:

I was planning on quitting my job and going to school at NYU, but before I made the jump, I wanted to test out the program. As part of the program, we were required to consult at a real company. I was chosen to be a consultant at Dunder Mifflin's New York office, which was pretty swanky. The desks were all constructed from dark cherry-colored wood. Everyone sat facing the same direction, much like a classroom (in fact, it looked a lot like my college classrooms in business school).

It seems Dunder Mifflin had consolidated yet again, merging the Scranton branch with the New York branch (which also served as corporate headquarters). I was there with three other NYU students to help the company identify corporate communication problems associated with the merger.

I was very nervous because 1) I wasn't actually an NYU student, 2) I have no experience in corporate consulting, and 3) I'd heard that Jim Halpert was quite a stud and I would likely be distracted by this.

But like a good businesswoman, I tackled the problem at hand. I quickly found out that, with the merger, Dwight Schrute had been fired. Karin, Jim and Pam were invited to join the New York branch, taking their love-triangle with them. This was the first matter I was asked to investigate. But I knew that they weren't going to share their feelings with me, a not-even-student. I'd have to be sneaky.

Some interesting things happened that day, though, that prevented anyone from doing work. Dwight stormed into the offices with Gareth Keenan, his British counterpart. They demanded to see Michael Scott! I overheard a conversation in which Michael blamed "Corporate" for the decision, so Dwight marched on to the President's office and demanded to see him. The President was out to lunch.

During all of this, Jim decided he didn't want to work at Dunder Mifflin anymore. He just got up and left his desk, but took all the pencils with him -- nothing else. I freaked out, realizing that I couldn't consult on this project if the subjects of my research were not there!

My non-classmates from NYU reminded me that I wasn't a student, though, so I could leave, too. So I did. This worked out pretty well because I hadn't told my bosses that I was quitting my job to go to school. Now I wouldn't have to....

Imagine what I'd be dreaming if I watched Sci-Fi TV shows like Heroes or Battlestar Galatica. Scary, right?

Here's a great new video mash-up for The Office...


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