Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What happens if you play a country record backwards?

You get your man back, your car back, your dog back, your money back.

Well, I've never owned a dog, all my money seems to go to Brick Store, and my man done gone run off fer good.... but I did get my car back!!

The Saga of G-JE (that's my car) continued this week when the engine failed. I'd start driving and feel as though there was an earthquake underneath me. Then it started accelerating on its own, even when I hit the brakes... scary, right?

I took it to the dealership only to find out that the DPFE sensor failed, which caused a build up of carbon, which caused too much exhaust in the EGR... (the what??)

G-JE is back safe and sound now (after a hefty I-really-want-to-cry-about-this-but-I-still-have-a-better-life-than-most bill). Now it can sit in the garage and wait to get broken into again (two more robberies this week).

Too bad I am no country star; I'd have a lot to sing about this week.

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