Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Birthday + Sufjan + Drinks = Your Presence Requested

Sufjan Stevens has agreed to be my birthday date tomorrow night and will perform at the Fox Theatre for Paste Rock'n'Reel Festival to celebrate -- you know, just a small gathering... close family and friends...

It's nice he's arranged all that. He's got big shoes to fill, though. Last year Sir Paul McCartney played me some hits at Philips Arena. 80,000 people singing "nah...nah, nah... NAH NAH NAH NAAAAH!" at the end of "Hey Jude"? Pretty stellar.

But back to Sufjan... some of my friends and business colleagues went to the Nashville show and said it is an amazing and life-altering experience. Awesome. Because I had a horrible year (Sir Paul, that was not your fault) and I would like to turn that around with this birthday.

So I extend this invitation to you, my friends (and if you're just a stalker, please ignore this invitation... I'm sure you've already done some undercover work to figure out my plans). Join me for the show or for drinks before and/or after the show. I plan on making a night of it. You should too.

Inquire within for details (you know, just in case I have a lazy stalker).

- CK

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Don Polo said...

Just wanted to say that this is a nice blog, and we have some musical preferences in common, so I will look for some bands you write.
Anyway, I hope we can chat one day. Take care and keep this blog on!!!