Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Deja Vu

Wow, a lot happened this week... 10 days of festival, 12+ concerts (including VACO at Smith's Olde Bar last night), my birthday, and, oh yeah... my car got broken into AGAIN!

Let's face it, folks -- I drive a Ford Taurus. It might as well be a Dodge Stratus. There is nothing in my car worth taking, not even a CD player.

The whole thing was very deja vu... went out to my car Sunday morning, just like the last time, and found some items displaced. Took a few minutes to realize what had happen. The same policeman reported to the scene this time around. "We really need to stop meeting like this, officer," I said. He agreed, and then we talked about robber tactics.

This time around my car manual was really stolen, but that's about all that was left to take after Robber #1. Robber #2 left my aviator sunglasses, a copy of People Magazine, and my Tiffany tape (I really thought this would be a hotter item... maybe on eBay). He was also kind enough to disperse about 600 Spout.com promotional stickers (reserved for the festival) across my car like confetti. Thanks for the celebration, Robber #2.

More on the festival and Sufjan Stevens birthday date to come.


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