Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A LOST Music Monday: Drive Shaft (Manchester, UK)

To borrow a phrase I heard from Joe Kirk, I've been lost without LOST (so lost, in fact, that I can't even keep my days straight, which explains why I'm posting a 'Music Monday' entry on a Tuesday).

But tonight my world will be alright again!... I just can't say the same for the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815....

LOST returns for its final season and I imagine that the Questions-to-Answers ratio will remain high throughout the season. Among the questions I want answered:

- Is the "anti-Jacob" in fact younger brother Esau (and does that somehow tie back to the theme of a "bad twin")?
- Why did people in Phuket freak out about Jack's tattoos?
- What the heck happened to Claire?
- Have we seen the last of Walt?
- Who do the Adam & Eve skeletons belong to?
- What is the significance of the numbers?

Before we dive back in tonight, LOST geeks might want to revisit (and/or challenge) this interesting Time Loop Theory... it's very well done.

Until then, let's hear a song from Charlie Pace (R.I.P.) and his band, Drive Shaft: