Monday, February 08, 2010

3 Eccentric Essentials for Winter Weather

Baby, it's cold outside and we Bostonians got a few inches of snow today. Time to stock up on supplies! Here are three of my favorite things for winter weather.

A wool hat with a ponytail hole? Knit gloves with finger hoods? A scarf with an smartphone pocket?! So pretty! So functional! So sad that the company is winding down... take advantage of its fire sale at

Delicious flavors like White Grapefruit and Hot Cinnamon Spice arrive in chic tins and boxes. You can get 20 sachets of loose leave tea for $8. Sure beats the $1.80 per cup you pay at the cafeteria or local coffee shop for sub-par tea.

I hardly take advantage of my NetFlix DVD discs anymore, choosing instead to stream content from NetFlix Instant portal to my TV using XBox Live. What the Instant list lacks in New Releases it makes up for in catalog depth, especially documentaries (like Please Vote For Me, Born Into Brothels and Helvetica). Perfect if you're snowed in and the mailman can't reach you.

What would you add?

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Cathy Kelleher said...

Love the accessories also! Sorry they are closing up shop. Maybe they need your marketing assistance to survive!!!!