Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vacation Deals - Urgent Memo

We get a lot of SPAM faxes here, so Jared and I would like to try our hand at creating one. We will SPAM the world on our own. How's this for a deal!? [Addendum: In case my humor is not obvious, no, we are not really SPAMMING the world. This is meant as social commentary]


To: All Corporate Employees
From: Human Resources Department
Re: Employee Vacation Time
Reply to: 1-800-FAX-SPAM


Dear Staff,

This is the last chance that all employees have access to our company vacation packages at the wholesale rate (you save nearly $3000 per couple). These vacation slots are almost full and will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

Please review the vacation detail:

Duration: 6 week, $23 pppn
Destination: Cancun, Mexico
Dates: Open dated valid for 1 YEAR

Included in Package:

FREE ocean view
Corporate meal plan (we recommend the best dining establishes)
Children play in the sand for free
Unlimited non-motor water sports (FREE swimming)
No-wait taxi line
Authentic Mexican workers speak to you in Spanish - no extra cost
Salt-included on all margaritas (do not burn the hotel down)


-- Notice --
The information contained in this meesage is CONFIDENTIAL which is why we've faxed it to you. To no longer receive these requested promotions in the future, please call your local HR director who probably requested these promotions for you.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Are you saying that you are the ones responsible for sending these faxes? I have gotten several of them and have been reporting them to donotcall.gov as violators of the Do Not Call measure. I googled the text to see if I could find out more about the culprits and it led me to your blog. Does this mean that I've been reporting you for what amounts to some kind of conceptual art project commenting on fax spam? What's the deal? And, how many trees (& how much toner) do you think this little project is worth?


Caren (CK) said...

No, it seems the humor was lost on this. My coworker and I created this blog-only mock-up (based on a real one) to show how deceiving they are (ex. Non motor-sport water sports = FREE swimming?). We aren't actually SPAMMING the world. In fact, we've reported culprits ourselves. Sorry the conceptual online art part wasn't clear to you.

Jill said...

Don't worry, Caren, I got the humor in it. I just received the same fax (the spam version) and Googled it, just like Mr. Anonymous.

I especially like your addition of "Salt-included on all margaritas (do not burn the hotel down)" It's perfect for us office drones!