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Pax Syndrome: Must-Read for the Ladies

This is Wikipediawesome and a must-read for my female friends. Stephen Colbert should talk about this on his show... he loves Wikipediawesome things.

Pax Syndrome

Pax Syndrome is a social-psychological condition used to describe an adult male who is emotionally dense and, though he seems harmless, is dangerous when put in relationship building scenarios with women, particularly ones that smart, attractive and accomplished. Such women are secondary victims to Pax Syndrome.

1 History
2 Symptoms
3 Causes
4 Criticism
5 Treatment


The term "Pax Syndrome" was first coined by two scholarly women in Atlanta, GA, in 2007. "Pax," meaning "peace" in Latin, describes the male's desire to be loved by everyone, particularly members of the opposite sex. Yet the "X" symbolizes mixed signals exuded by the male when it comes to his intentions with the opposite sex. He often feels the need to make peace with these women by showing them continued affection and attention. "Pax" is also the name of Angelina Jolie's newly adopted and renamed son from Vietnam. The poor child is four years old and must be very confused; so are women affected by Pax Syndrome victims.


Does your boyfriend, cousin, or friend exhibit any of the following behaviors?

--Devotes much free time to developing romantic relationship(s)?
--Develops unhealthy fantasies about marriage; becomes withdrawn when confronted with reality?
--Lies to friends and family about female companions?
--Readily and eagerly displays affection towards women but maintains stoic fear of any sexual contact?
--Spends much time and money to impress women, later bailing on the investment?
--Complains he is too "nice" to attract women?
--Displays mixed emotions toward any woman he does attract?
--Uses highly-developed intellect and deep conversations to detract attention from any of his baffling behaviors?
--Will jump into sudden relationships without changing behavior?

If so, it is likely Pax Syndrome.


Although scientific studies are (so far) inconclusive, most specialists believe that Pax Syndrome is caused by an allergic reaction to extremely intelligent, beautiful, on-point women. Some studies suggest that an over-developed Machoman Gland is at fault. Others blame upbringing, particularly in loving households where mothers teach their sons to
respect women and stay far away from them, but to bring a good one home. One controversial 2007 report claims that the condition known as Pax Syndrome is really a symptom of a larger disorder--Narcissism.


Critics of Pax Syndrome have often cited two arguements against it. First, that men are allowed female friends and these female friends may in fact be misreading signals. However, as Harry once said, "Men and women can never be friends because the sex part gets in the way." Ladder Theory, a concept developed in 1994, further discredits this first arguement.

The second arguement ofted cited by Pax Syndrome critics is that many women share the same symptoms as men suffering from Pax Syndrome, and therefore it should not be a disease reserved for the male sex. Pax Syndrome researchers and advocates argue that these women really should be classified otherwise as "teases."


Pax sufferers may distance themselves from awesome women to relieve symptoms; however, 98% find that their symptoms return. Physicians specializing in Pax treatment have recently developed a 13-step program behavioral therapy program. Women affected by Pax sufferers are recommended to pick up a copy ofHe's Just Not That Into You.

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