Sunday, August 27, 2006

I was robbed

Someone broke into my car last night. I guess I had a good run, though -- 5 years living in the city and not one break-in, mugging, or other disturbance. Weird thing is, the police can't figure out how the robber got in -- no broken windows, no missing door handles... and all this came after I learned my car is the least stolen model in America.

The robber took my car manual, car insurance card (the expired one), phone charger, registration, and gym bag (which contained my favorite sneakers and pretty orange Lacoste dress... sad).

Things the robber did not take: mix CDs, my Tiffany tape (circa 1989), makeup, my flip flops and sports bra, and two small lithograph prints my sister bought me from Penn State. He also didn't think to go in my trunk, where he would have found 2 boxes of Paste Magazine, a 7 iron , and a ton of awesome yet-to-be-released CDs.

The saddest part of this story is that I noticed the break-in at 8:30am when I was on my way to church...

A cautionary tale for everyone else who lives in the city and parks in garages -- be careful what information you keep in your car.

And now, a Haiku for the Person Who Broke Into My Car

You stole my sneakers,
Found little else worth taking.
Pick a Jeep next time.


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