Thursday, July 28, 2005

Excerpts from "A Southern Belle Primer"

My roommate/sorority sister and I would like to share these excerpts from A Southern Belle Primer.... They are clearly things that no one will teach you otherwise (best if said in a Southern accent).

- In Mississippi, one woman says there used to be a saying: "First there's Chi O, then you get married, then there's Junior League, then you die."

- It's considered bad luck for the real bride to walk down the aisle at rehearsal. We hear it's done sometimes by the girls in the North. But in the South, that's just tempting fate.

- Never date your sorority sister's ex-husband until at least three years after the divorce. You might need her to write your daughter a Kappa Kappa Gamma recommendation one day. Just remember it's a lot easier to find a enw man than it is to get your daughter into Kappa.

- Southerners don't just drink iced tea, they practically inhale it. They see no reason not to drink it when snow is on the ground. It's equally as appropriate in the middle of a heat wave. The drink is so much a part of the South that belles find it difficult to go to other parts of the country where they can't automatically order this staple in homes and restaurants.

- When a girl picks Grand Baroque [silver] at age eleven, she hasn't just decided how to set her table, she's charted her course in life. Just as Aquarians are not compatible with Capricorns, Grand Baroque girls are not to marry men whose mothers have chosen Rose Point [silver]. Their silver clashes and so will their personalities.

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