Tuesday, March 05, 2013

New albums to add to your playlist: The Last Bison, Satellite, Hey Marseilles

It's a pretty stacked day for new releases today. Here are three I've been looking forward to that you should give a spin.

The Last Bison - Inheritance 

Wikipedia tells me that, in 1909, chamber music was first explained as "music of friends." It's an apt description for what The Last Bison has made. Fronted by Ben Hardesty, the band includes Ben's father, sister and close friends, all from colonial Virginia. The music maintains the rustic nature of the environment in which it was created, which, in an age of over-production and computer-powered soundscapes, is refreshing for both the soul and the ears. 

Standout track: "Switzerland"

For fans of: Mumford and Sons, The Decemberists

Fun fact: Six of the band's seven members were homeschooled (like some of the coolest people I know). 

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Satellite - Calling the Birds 

I first heard about Satellite from To Right Love on Her Arms and just loved Steven McMorran's voice. It haunted you long after a song ended. On this new album, what could have easily become generic and glossy radio rock instead feels like a series of fragile and honest confessions about love, loss and our mortality.

Standout track: "Brooklyn"

For fans of: Switchfoot, Mat Kearney

Fun fact: The band recently moved from Los Angeles to Nashville. 

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Hey Marseilles - Lines We Trace

A few months ago I got to see Hey Marseilles open for Sea Wolf and wondered how the heck all its members fit on the stage with their instruments and still played so well. It was graceful, not chaotic, as is this poignant album. 

Standout track: "Heart Beats"

For fans of: DeVotchka, Blind Pilot

Fun fact: Most of the band has lived in the Seattle house where the album was written.

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