Thursday, January 07, 2010

Movie Reviews in 40 Words or Less


A short 'making-of' trailer should have played before the movie. The technology and effects made this a blockbuster and deserve a shout-out. Otherwise I would have concluded, "Eh, it's Dances with Wolves with a tree-hugging Jar Jar Binks."

Up in the Air

Feels more like a documentary of 2009 than a fictional film. Timely topics (out-sourcing, unemployment, disconnect) brought to life by authentic and emotionally vulnerable characters. Bit of a downer, despite Clooney's handsomeness and charm.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

Haven't even seen it but I'm confident in my review: Grant and Parker lack chemistry? Red State jokes are overplayed? Plot is entirely predictable (they stick together and, when given the choice, decide to stick with prairie life, too?)?

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