Saturday, October 24, 2009

Caren Explains Britney, Peter, Paul and Mary 3

I am embarrassed to admit that I've liked the past few Britney singles. The most recent -- "3"-- is pretty darn catchy... but I always scratch my headwhen I hear the lyrics:

1, 2, 3
Peter, Paul & Mary
Gettin' down with 3P

Peter, Paul & Mary? Really? Nothing about "Puff the Magic Dragon" makes me think about "gettin' down" with Britney.

This leads me to two questions:
1) Could the record label not afford to get some better songwriting?, or...
2) Is the American consumer so easily bought that quality no longer matters?

If it's the first, I would like to let the record label know that I'm available for hire. Okay, I admit, my songwriting credits are non-existent, but I know how to rhyme as well as your current roster of songwriters. Here are some other ideas for that "Peter, Paul and Mary" line:

- Larry, Moe and Curly
- The snake got Adam and Eve
- Nash, Stills and Crosby
- Faith, hope and charity
- The Brothers Bee Gee
- Huey, Dewey, Louie
- The good, the bad, the ugly

3 - Britney Spears


Anonymous said...

I agree it is catchy. Something you didn't comment on is that there are only 2 P's in 'Peter, Paul and Mary' not 3. My final verdic is that it's good music to dance to but not something I could sing along with. :-\

Laura said...

um, both the commenter and the blogger/writer are u two srsly not know wth she is talkin bout? lmao Peter, Paul and Mary are the folk group from the 70' was rumored that the three of them "enjoyed each other's company". *hint hint) that being said...3P is slang for three people...well why would three people be playing the math u guys and grow up...geeesh "it's catchy" lmao poor writin dear Caren and shame on u too Emily u don't even know what she is singing about
wat impresses me is that idiot britt could "create" these kinds a lyrics (we all know she didn't) yet neither of you know wats goin on

Anonymous said...

The point is its 2 guys with Britney caught in between. She plays the role of Mary. 3 P is 3 people. No idea what the 180 degrees is about unless shes standing on her head while getting sandwiched. I'm not big into 3 somes but they're always better with 2 girls.

Anonymous said...

Mary. Hmm. Well if she's talking about the 70s am i the only one who went with "last dance with mary jane" like right off the bat? im 14 I can figure she must be getting high and having 3somes.