Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Caren Explains Songs to Study To

As Midterm 2 of 5 approaches, I'm finding myself increasingly reliant on my iPod and noise-canceling headphones to keep me in the zone. Turns out the iPod is good company and has even helped me with my coursework...

Take my recent review of LEAD class, for example... if I were evaluating my one-on-one working relationship with the iPod, I would observe that it is a relationship in which I am "managing down" most all of the time, telling the iPod what to play, when to play it, and for how long. I recognize this is a "power imbalance," though, and occasionally I give up my power in the relationship and let the iPod pick the songs on Shuffle. Of course, since I've pre-screened all the music on the iPod, it's a pretty stereotypical selection and there are not many "origins of difference."

I guess the conclusion of this case, though, is that I'm pretty controlling.

Here's some songs that are giving me solace. Good luck to everyone else who is studying for something this week.

(This is being imported from a blog; if the playlist doesn't show up on Facebook, go to the original note to stream the full length songs)

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