Monday, March 31, 2008

Caren Explains This Summer's Theme Nights

Last summer brought a wealth of excellent theme nights and "funtivities"... among the most successful: Rodeo / Beauty Pageant Day at the North Georgia fair; Brick Store in the Loft night; East Coast Road Trip with DC, 84 and Kennywood excursions; and Hipster Night which, appropriately enough, left us pissed off after Corndogaramma was not serving corn dogs.

Hipster Night

Andy, Katie P and I have started a new list of activities for this summer... please vote for your favorites or suggest new ones.

- Field Day / Beer Olympics (scheduled for April 20th at 420 Fest)
- Picnic in the Park (so successful last year, we're repeating it)
- Roller Derby night
- Preppy Day, when we go see a polo match
- NASCAR day
- The Patty Pilgrimage to North Carolina
- Rock climbing (on a wall, not real rocks... we're not that hard-core)
- Wiffle Ball Day coupled with Braves Game at night... this is called "All American Past Time Day"
- Visit the Sundial for fancy and overpriced drinks
- Authentic BBQ night, when Andy smokes a pork shoulder for 30 hours
- Night at the Drive-In
- Feminist Day in which we take Andy to an Indigo Girls concert (his request)
- Cabin Weekend, when we rent a cabin in Helen for the night and go inner tubing and hiking
- Slip'n'Slide Day
- Trip to Mississippi
- Eat at Mary Mac's Tea Room
- Have a tea party and Spring cleaning clothing swap
- Indiana Jones movie marathon before seeing the new installment
- Wine tasting / Beer tasting
- Pottery night
- Go blueberry / raspberry picking on a farm

and my favorite...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off, when we take the day off of work / school, go to a Braves' game, visit the High Museum, make lunch reservations as Abe Froman, see a parade and swim in a stranger's pool.

Excellent start to the summer.


theleila said...

in the words of kylie minogue, "wow wow wow wow!" love all of them! well, with the exception of baseball, but then i'm not american. especially love bbq, drive-in, cabin, pottery & tea party. count me in!

Amanda & Ben said...

You are awesome! They do all sound like fun. Personal favorite (other than Bueller day, of course)... Preppy day, replete with the polo match! Love it!