Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Life After Potter

So I lied about it taking me 6 months to read Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows... try 12 hours.

Kretz, Mary and I made a midnight run to Kroger, after a yard party and after Decatur's bookstore and Barnes & Noble were sold out of books... the lines at Kroger were ridiculous, 30+ people per register (and I live in a punk-hipster neighborhood, so seeing all these adults clutching Harry Potter books was amusing). The man in front of me had Harry Potter and a bottle of wine ("To appease my wife, who doesn't know I left the house to get this...," he explained).

I was pretty right about some of my predictions in the previous post, very wrong about others.

So now that it's over, I must say: "Way to go, J.K... you're like the Hank Aaron of children's fantasy fiction... a Barry Bonds will probably come along some day and jack up your epilogue, but we know where it all started...."

Check out this CRAZY post that Ashley made for us, after a long lunch at Brick Store... Six Degrees of Harry Bacon...

And Leila had some cool videos up on her page... check 'em out!

This is another I found on YouTube. Take a trip down memory lane with NSync.

"It Makes Me Ill..." video smash-up

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theleila said...

so much sadness... alleviated only by the myriad of hilarious potter-related videos available. right said fred, puppets and now nsync? thank god for youtube!