Tuesday, October 03, 2006

East Coast Tour Announcement

I'm currently sitting in a comfy apartment on the Upper East Side with my friend Alyssa, preparing for a busy week of business, travel, and wedding extravanganza. If you are an old friend currently in MoCo -- I'm sorry, I won't have the chance to see you this trip since I'll be in MoCo for all of 3 hours. But I'll be back again real soon. Yup, you better believe it...

East Coast Tour Soundtrack

Here are some songs I was listening to on the way to New York:

Marching Bands of Manhattan, Death Cab for Cutie
New York Song, Modern Skirts
Chemicals, Of Montreal
Cold December, Matt Costa
Postcards from Italy, Beirut
City Song, Matt Pond PA

Off to a conference tomorrow... stories and pictures to come.


1 comment:

Kylie said...

Ok Lady, I'm going to be in Philly 2 weeks after you. Why can't we be better coordinated?