Sunday, June 19, 2005

Everything really is bigger in Texas

On the eight day, God created Texas.
- Genesis 2 according to Dallas

I finally got to see Texas this past weekend, to celebrate the wedding of my friends Jennifer & Ryan! I discovered there really is truth to the saying "Everything is bigger in Texas." As proof, I site the bigger highways, bigger cars, bigger hair, and bigger extravaganzas! If WalMart were a state, it would be Texas.

After renting my car (which they upgraded to a monster-sized Explorer for $5... how nice of Enterprise!) I took to Dallas/Fort Worth rush hour traffic. Bad idea. After taking a wrong turn on the way to the wedding rehersal, I stopped at my favorite gas station, QT, which has never failed me before. The cashier had no idea what church I was talking about, even though (as I later found out) it was on the same road as the QT. That's how big it is. Luckily a very nice and gracious gentleman came to my rescue. He is the Carpet Boss of Plano -- seriously, it's written on his car. He drove in front of me to the church, bless his heart.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful and both families were so hospitable and kind to us. Though there were only 6 of my sorority sisters there, we began what will certainly be a longstanding tradition of doing PAT for the bride (it's that crazy clapping and slapping thing that scares most everyone who sees it... it's simply fabulous). I felt very honored to be included in Jenn's special day, especially reading a Bible passage since we shared in fellowship together.

I still stand behind my decision that in my next life I could be a Texan, though I will require a chaueffer, since the roads there (no offense to any Texans) are the most ridiculous invention of our time (behind the Topsy Tail, that is). I will also require a new cowboy hat because I gave mine away to the head of security at Bonnaroo, in exchange for front row passes for the kid who carted our magazines around on Sunday... I was told it would bring me good karma. Goodbye, cowboy hat. With that, and the loss of my aviator glasses, I think my college days really are over.

Oh yeah, my cellphone is still missing in the muddy mess of Manchester, TN... don't take it personal if I don't pick up your call.

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